Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mosquito Larvae Xterminator - MLX

Mosquito Larvae Xterminator - MLX

Mosquito borne diseases kill over one million and debilitate tens of millions people every year. Mosquito netting is ineffective when one is out of the bed.

Mosquito can only breed in water, killing the larvaes before they hatch maybe the best way to control the situation. I have an idea for a gadget that might just do that.

The device will be filled with water and placed in mosquito infested area. A timer will activate a mini motored activated net to “catch” any larvaes every 3 days, thereby depriving them of water and killing them before they have a chance to become full grown mosquitoes. They can be hanged on trees, lamp posts or wall.

If at a given area where there are 10 potential mosquito spawning spots, and 30 MLXs are being deployed, they can reduced the mosquito population by 75%. And mosquito borne diseases thereby should decrease by 75%. Thousands of lives and millions of dollars can be saved every year with this cheap to make device.

I hope by posting this here someone will design and build MLX. I do not want to patent and profit from commercializing this idea. I will be very happy if this idea end up saving thousands of lives and livelihoods.

MLX- the net (green) will swipe from one end to the other once every 3 days,
trapping and killing them before they have a chance to become mosquitoes.